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Services & Capabilities

WIth over 30 years of technology experience, our expertise covers everything from Leadership, Strategy, Architecture, Digital, Cloud, Data, Cybersecurity and Operating Models. We are able to help you grow your business, reduce costs, transform your capabilities or just optimise what you are doing through the use of technology. See a selection of our exclusive services.

Leadership & Strategy

Experience and battle-scars speaks volumes to the value you can add to your business. With multi-industry experience, but always focussing on our mantra of passion and simplicity, we can help you navigate all the complexities of having an effective technology strategy within your organisation.

Cloud Computing

Companies have moved on from Cloud computing and its related services being a shiny new toy, to a mandatory strategy to modernise technology in your business regardless of what industry you are in. But the Cloud is still a maturing space. Whether it's how to consider Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, or have a clear strategy in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS and how to leverage all the relevant vendor’s offering, we will be able to assist in everything from strategy & planning, execution and operations of your Cloud.

Operating Model

The operating model is critical to the success of your organisation. With too many heavy processes and areas for blockers, your reaction to market conditions, competitors movements or simply providing the most optimal customer experience is at incredible risk. This is particularly true for companies that desire to be more digital and nimble in their responses to customer needs. An absolutely critical attribute to get right!

Data & Analytics

Data, and the ability to have deep knowledge of it within your organisation is no longer a ‘nice to have’ or a unique competitive advantage. It's a necessity for every organisation and is an absolute underpinning attribute if you have any ambition of being a truly Digitally enabled business.


So many companies desire to be “more digital”, but what does it take to be Digital Within? A digital transformation is not about the digital veneer of having a better website or digital marketing, it's about behaving like a Digital Business, which means the technology, people and processes need to support this. Allow us help you on this journey by looking at all the aspects of becoming truly “More Digital”


Never has there been a more critical time when it comes to protecting your digital and technology assets from malicious individuals, criminals or simple carelessness. Whether its nation state actors, criminals, or just poor behaviour from your own people, you need to be confident that you’re protected. With Cyber attacks growing almost 20% year on year, complacency is no longer an excuse.

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