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Leadership & Strategy

Experience and battle-scars speaks volumes to the value you can add to your business. With multi-industry experience, but always focussing on our mantra of passion and simplicity, we can help you navigate all the complexities of having an effective technology strategy within your organisation.

Brand Strategy

Strategy Delivery & Oversight

With extensive Executive Technology Leadership, we are able to help you in getting your Strategy in place to make sure that you have confidence in your technology being able to support your business objectives while remaining efficient, modern and managing the risk landscape ahead. This is done through a series of workshops and provides a clear strategy and roadmap that can be communicated to the entire business. Many technology leaders are distracted by the day to day running of their organisation, that they often don’t have the capacity to take a helicopter view to plan for the future. Partner with a seasoned technology executive that can act as your shadow and articulate and budget the future. 

Abstract Architecture

Enterprise Architecture

Using an Enterprise Architecture baseline is an effective way to communicate the roadmap to change within an organisation. Although Enterprise Architecture design and planning has been around for a long time, a modernised version can be introduced into your organisation to underpin fact based and evidence supported decision making. We provide timeboxed exercises to set you up with the tools your teams can track moving forward.

Man in VR Scene

Interim & Virtual CIO/CTO

Interim and Virtual CIO and CTO services are a convenient way to make sure you have world class expertise and leadership supporting technology within your organisation, without the cost or overhead of a full time employee. Either engaged on an Interim basis (whilst recruiting for a more permanent solution), or as a virtual service making sure that you have the coverage and checks and balances within your technology organisation, we are able to provide experienced leaders to support you. 


Speaking Events

Have a seasoned, experienced and profiled Technology Leader hosting or speaking at your next event is a great way to bring credibility and interest to your customers. This may be through a conference, moderated round table or even a casual public or private presentation. Please reach out for more information.

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