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Companies have moved on from Cloud computing and its related services being a shiny new toy, to a mandatory strategy to modernise technology in your business regardless of what industry you are in. But the Cloud is still a maturing space. Whether it's how to consider Public, Private or Hybrid Cloud, or have a clear strategy in IaaS, PaaS or SaaS and how to leverage all the relevant vendor’s offering, we will be able to assist in everything from strategy & planning, execution and operations of your Cloud.


The Strategy of Modernisation

We often hear of the 6 R’s of Cloud Transformation or Modernisation. And although this is an important tool and approach to the strategy, it's sometimes an overly simplistic one. You need to consider alignment to business strategy and goals, the operational strategy, relevant economics such as the “Double Bubble” costs of running both an on-prem and Cloud strategy in parallel as you execute your strategy. We can assist in all aspects of this, and can start off by reviewing your current strategy and provide sound, experienced advice on where you may have gaps and how to better deliver a business outcome.


The Culture of Cloud

Something that is often overlooked is how the Cloud significantly shifts an organisation’s operating model which needs to be reflected in its culture, and often in its values. If you start to adopt the unique attributes of Cloud such as agility, auto scaling or rapid product prototyping for your customers, there has to be a shift in every aspect of how your business operates. 


FinOps and Optimisation

Cloud costs can easily spiral out of control. And that is not because Cloud is expensive, but because you don’t design and architect for the Cloud correctly, or treat it as another data centre, or don’t properly plan for the workloads and services. At which point, you will definitely lose control. We can help you get your spending back in control. Either by reviewing and refining your strategy & planning, the execution or the architecture. If you need to get more acute on your spending we can help with negotiating Enterprise Discount Agreements, set up saving plans or optimization consumption through fine tuning of the design and deployment.

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